Appointment Book Overview: How to use the Schedule?

Appointment Book Overview: How to use the Schedule?

A template is recommended before accessing the Appointment Book.
Please visit our Template Article for additional help.

Default Appointment Length and Time Step can be adjusted in the Facility Settings
Please see our Facility Settings article for additional help.

Accessing the Schedule: Where to go?

      1. Users may access the schedule under Schedule->Appointment Book

A.      The calendar allows users to navigate through the weeks or days on the appointment book depending on the "View"
      Users may filter through different Views and Facility on the top left corner.
         The add feature allows users to quickly add a provider that typically would not work on that day.
C.      QuickEMR allows users to set up color codes for quick visual representations
          The color codes will be listed on the left of the appointment book.

Editing Color Codes
Color Codes Part 1: Schedule Settings

     1. Color codes for the "flags" can be found under Settings->Scheduler

Color Codes Part 2: Appointment Statuses

      1. Color codes for the "Statuses" can be found under Schedule->List->Appointment Statuses
      2. Users can also create additional
      3. Edit existing appointment statuses

Scheduling an Appointment

      1. Users can either hold down the left button on the mouse and drag down on the schedule, then release the left button to schedule an appointment
Double click the left button on the mouse to schedule an appointment - this will follow the "time step" settings located in the
Facility settings
          A. There are 3 various appointment types located at the top      
Used for your everyday appointments
Used for blocking out a certain time for the therapist (such as lunch or meetings)
Used for unconfirmed appointments and if the user would like to reserve a spot for a patient

        B. The location can be changed directly from the appointment
          C. If the appointment is the first to be scheduled for the case, the system will auto check the appointment as New.
                  This is to help distinguish patients that are being seen for the first time (Eval)



An appointment note has been created

 Note documentation is marked complete for this appointment

Medicare Patient

There is a co-pay on file for this patient

This is a Recurring appointment

Quick Link Icons


Provides a Case Summary of the patient on the left of the schedule

Quick Find (Search all appointments that correlate to this patient)

View Case

View or Create Therapist Note

Delete the appointment

Additional Shortcuts
      1. When clicking on an existing appointment additional "Quick links" will appear on the right of the appointment

Set up Recurring Appointments

      1. Users have the option to set up recurring appointments for the patient selected.
      Towards the bottom of the recurring tab is a summary of the selection(s) you have made.
       *When creating a recurring appointment, it is recommended to view the summary within unison of the selections you have made to get a better understanding of what will be scheduled.

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