1-800 Notify - Reminder Calls & Text messages Automated Setup

1-800 Notify - Reminder Calls & Text messages Automated Setup

**If you have never sent reminder calls before the first step is to contact our partners at 1-800 Notify either by e-mail support@1800notify.com or phone 1-800-939-1853. In either case make sure you tell them QuickEMR sent you so they can set up your reminders to come directly from QuickEMR.

When calling 1800  notify, please be prepared with the following information.

1. You will need your client code and facility code(s) that you are wanting to set up reminders for.

Patients Chart: Subscribing a Patient to Reminder Calls & Text

If you used reminder calls previously with one of our partners you should note the reminder calls subscription is now stored on the phone number not on the patient record. Patients who were previously subscribed have had their subscriptions carried into this new location.
1. Select the patient tab located on a patient's case.
2. Add or click on an existing phone number
3. A modal will display and users will be able to subscribe the patient to reminders calls or text messages.
Keep in mind that if both call and text are checked, two reminders will be sent as the system will not prioritize one for the other.

Setting Up Automated Reminder Calls & Text

      1. The user will need to navigate to the Settings->Connect,
      2. Select 1-800 Notify as the provider
      3.  Check mark the following boxes as necessary
      This will allow the patient to submit a response when a reminder is sent.
      4. Once Automate Reminders is checked, a new box will appear and users can set up the reminder times

Patient Confirms Appointment:

      1. When a patient confirms their appointment either through text or call. The appointment will automatically change to the confirmed color code.
           (Flag colors can be changed under Settings->Scheduler

Reminder Call Log

      1.Reminder Calls and Text can be tracked through the Reminder Call Log located under Schedule->Reminder Calls->Reminder Call Log
      2.Click on the Job ID to view the batch

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